Awesome Guitar Theory for the Recalcitrant Brain

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on Tue, 07/17/2012 – 20:13

I’m slowly incorporating some guitar theory into my stringed instrument-playing hobby, since I have rediscovered my affection for the “plugged in sound.”

I’m finding Desi Serna’s Fretboard Theory easy on the brain and very helpful for the perennial guitar hobbyist who lacks formal theory training, like myself.

Deep Purple’s Jon Lord’s passing the other day reminded me of Desi’s Smoke on the Water treatment, where he suggests using the G minor pentatonic scale, so as to not over-complicate things.  Solid advice for beginners and intermediate players.  That’s the kind of approach that makes me think it’s definitely worth checkin out Desi’s materials on guitar theory and breaking down the fretboard in bite-size, easier to digest pieces.

By the way, Desi is widely accessible and omnipresent on the “internets,” and he’s great with providing advice and help when needed:


Feel free to check Desi’s stuff out.  With some perseverance and any time you can steal from tending to the kids, I think it’ll help you learn the fretboard for good.

(re·cal·ci·trant/riˈkalsətrənt/ Adjective: Having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority.)

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