Progressions Preview

Guitar Chord Progressions & Playing By Numbers DVD

Hosted and Taught By Desi Serna

Build triads and chords from the major scale!
Build triads and chords from the major scale!
Play simple patterns using common barre chords!
Visualize keys and chords by number instantly!
Transpose to new keys and positions effortlessly!
Understand how chords are related and fit together!
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Understand Chord Progressions

Playing progressions is essential to becoming a good player, understanding guitar theory and enjoying your instrument. Recognizing chord movement and playing by numbers can help you to:

Chart, learn and remember songs better
Apply scales properly
Play by ear
Compose your own music

Playing chord progressions and playing by numbers go hand in hand and the concept is easier on the guitar than most other instruments. You just have to know the right way to map things out on the guitar neck.

Chord Patterns

Everything you need to know about keys and progressions can be translated into two easy-to-learn patterns on the guitar fretboard. That’s it! As incredible as it sounds it’s really true. You’ll instantly be able to play all the chords for any key. How would you like to do that?

Play By Numbers

And the beauty of this is that the patterns are a series of numbers as used in the “Nashville Number System.” You’ve probably heard musicians calling out numbers on the bandstand, right? “One…four…five…” Now you can know what they mean and experience the benefits of the system for yourself. Not to mention, you can sit around and talk guitar theory with REAL MUSICIANS without feeling like an idiot.

No More Clutter

With numbers you won’t have to constantly think about letters, sharp and flat signs, etc. Numbers make all keys the same. You’ll be most surprised to finally realize that many songs that seem to be quite different because of their position on the neck and chords used, are actually the same progression in terms of numbers! No more cluttering your mind with endless amounts of chord information because you’ll be able to recognize these progressions.

Play By Ear

How do some players know what’s coming next the first time through a song? Well, once you finish this DVD you’re going to know exactly how it’s done and you’ll begin doing it yourself! Knowing where to look is half, if not all, the battle! Imagine what this can do for you?


Real Song References Including:

“Twist and Shout”
“Wild Thing”
“Brown Eyed Girl”
“Sweet Home Alabama”
“What I Like About You”
“Light My Fire”
“When I Come Around”
“All Along the Watchtower”
“Black Magic Woman”
“Crimson and Clover”
“Like a Rolling Stone”
“Louie, Louie”
“Let it Be”
“No Woman No Cry”
“All the Small Things”
“La Bamba”
“Under the Bridge”
“Achy Breaky Heart”
“Horse with No Name”

Learn About Music By:

Van Morrison
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Johnny Cash
Jimmy Buffett
Los Lonely Boys
Jack Johnson
The Doors
Green Day
Eric Clapton
Jimi Hendrix
Bob Dylan
The Beatles
Fleetwood Mac
The Who
Blink 182
Red Hot Chili Peppers
John Mellencamp
Blind Melon
Steve Miller Band
John Denver
and More!

PLEASE NOTE: This program is NOT suitable for beginner guitar players and requires that you already know major scale patterns and barre chords. The presentation closely follows Fretboard Theory Chapter 6 with the addition of new song references.