Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access your free materials and subscribe to your newsletter?
A: Use the form on this website to join my mailing list. Subscribers get access to free Fretboard Theory book and DVD previews plus guitar tab, lessons, music-related news, and support. Your information is captured by my automated system which immediately begins the delivery process. Check your email to confirm this delivery. Your information is safe and secure and cannot be shared, rented or sold. You can remove yourself from my system automatically by simply following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each message you receive.

The free materials are in a downloadable, digital format which is compatible with any and all computers. No tangible items are part of this free offer. No physical mailing address or payment information is required. There’s no obligation to buy anything.

Q: Is your website secure?
A: Yes, during the checkout process, once you get to the payment details page, you’ll see a secure URL generated by my shopping cart system. Credit/debit cards are processed by PayPal.

Q: Is Fretboard Theory good for beginners?
A: Not if you’re starting from scratch. Absolute beginners click here.

Q: What do I need to know before studying Fretboard Theory?
A: You should know all the basic open chords such as E, Em, F, G, A, Am, B7, C, D, Dm. You should know how to play common power chords and standard barre chords. You should have experience playing simple songs and a few melodies, riffs and solos.

Q: Is Fretboard Theory applicable to both acoustic and electric guitar?
A: Yes, acoustic and electric guitar fretboards are identical. You’ll only find differences in guitar types when it comes to technique which Fretboard Theory is not about. Nearly half the songs referenced are acoustic.

Q: Can Bass Players Benefit Too?
A: Yes, this book is full of relevant information for bass playing. Since bass strings E, A, D, and G are tuned exactly one octave lower than the respective guitar strings, and because the scale patterns and chord shapes on these four strings are the same on both instruments, bassists can play and learn from guitar examples just fine. There’s a considerable amount of references to bass songs too.

Q: Will Fretboard Theory teach me songs?
A: No, but it does include lots of details about popular songs that are helpful. Fretboard Theory is not a songbook but rather a study of the theory behind songs. For example, what scales are used and why, etc. It includes hundreds of references to and descriptions of popular songs but not actual notation or specific instruction on them. That said, I help subscribers get start learning songs by providing some free guitar tab and I post many song-learning lessons on YouTube.

Q: Do I have to read music?
No, and Fretboard Theory won’t cover reading standard musical notation but it does include it in some examples for those that want it. Also, some formal vocabulary, traditional terms and outdated concepts have been purposely omitted.

Q: Will Fretboard Theory teach me about rhythm and technique?
No, but my book, Guitar Rhythm and Technique For Dummies, will. Click on the title for more information.

Q: What are downloads and how do they work?
A: Downloads, which are available for purchase on my store page, include PDF e-books and mp4 videos. These file types are compatible with any and all computers and devices. The e-books I sell are identical to the regular printed and bound versions of the same books. The videos are the same as the DVDs, only compressed for the web, but still good quality. Downloads can be accessed immediately after your payment is accepted and you’ll set up a member profile so that you can access your files again if need be. The courses are several gigabytes in size and downloading them requires high-speed Internet access. You first save the files to a computer, then transfer to any portable devices after that. The PDF e-books are printable.

Q: Where can I buy regular books and DVDs?
A: Regular printed and bound books and DVD discs are sold on The books, but not the DVDs, are also available at Amazon’s European websites including,,,, and

Q: Does Fretboard Theory include an audio CD?
A: No, but my guitar podcast features hours of free audio that corresponds to my Fretboard Theory books.

Q: Is Fretboard Theory available on DVD?
A: Yes, four chapters from Fretboard Theory, and the entire Fretboard Theory Volume II book are available on DVD. You also have to option of downloading this video footage. Visit my store page for more information.

Q: Can I order outside the U.S.A.?
A: This website can accept download orders from anywhere in the world. Regular printed and bound books and DVD discs are sold on The books, but not the DVDs, are also available at Amazon’s European websites including,,,, and

Q: Can I order by mail?
A: No, I do not accept mail orders. Sorry. All ordering options are listed on my store page.

Q: “What’s the difference between Fretboard Theory and Guitar Theory For Dummies?”
To get the complete details about the book I authored for Wiley’s For Dummies series click Guitar Theory For Dummies.

Q: How can I contact you directly?
A: You can contact me directly by either emailing or calling the phone number on your order receipt. I usually need to resolve issues online using your order information so it’s advised that you email first.