Guitar Speed Training and How to Play Guitar Fast

Guitar Speed Training and How to Play Guitar Fast

Many guitar players want to know how to increase guitar speed. They often ask me how to play guitar fast or what guitar speed training programs to follow. There isn’t a specific method I would recommend. I have tried a few of them myself over the years and found them somewhat helpful but ultimately not very practical. The best advice I can give is to learn songs. Each riff and solo you learn can be used as an exercise to improve technique and increase speed.

Accurate Alternate Picking
Speed comes from alternate picking and accuracy. If you can develop accurate alternate picking technique at slow speeds, then you can gradually work your way up to faster speeds. Just be sure to walk before you run. If you find yourself fumbling through a slow or moderately paced guitar song, then you’re not ready to try serious guitar shredding at a fast pace. Be patient and focus on your accuracy every step of the way from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Choose to learn and practice simple guitar riffs, melodies and solos before attempting something more complicated. After all, complicated guitar parts are just simpler, slower parts combined and played faster.

Guitar Major Scales Songs
I talk about and demonstrate a great way for guitar players to develop right hand picking technique in my Guitar Major Scales Songs playlist on YouTube. Watch some of those videos and let them play until you get to the point where I discuss picking technique and practice (this is after I teach the song part).

Speed Training Course
If there are guitar speed training courses or exercises that have made a difference with your guitar playing, then let me know. You can leave comments below.

Guitar Theory

To learn more about music theory for guitar, including scales, chords, progressions, modes, and more, sign up for a free preview of my Fretboard Theory books and DVDs by using the form on this web page.

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