Learning Lead Licks, Scales, Progressions, Modes, and More Has Never Been Easier (or Faster)

With 150+ Lessons Designed To Work With My Bestselling Books “Fretboard Theory 1 & 2” You’ll Be Able To Master The Fretboard Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Learn To Effortlessly Improvise Through Chord Progressions And Glide Through Solos With Ease Following:


Fretboard Theory Video Lessons

Desi Serna guitar music theoryHi There- I’m Desi Serna, guitar teacher and bestselling author of Fretboard Theory 1 and 2, Guitar Theory for Dummies and Guitar Rhythm and Technique for Dummies.

Today, I’m going to help you rapidly decrease the amount of time, effort, and energy it takes to learn advanced guitar theory.

We’re going to work together, though 150 video lessons that follow my bestselling Fretboard Theory books, and you’ll master the art of applied theory faster than you ever thought was possible.  

Stop Putting Off Learning The Guitar Theory That Will Take Your Playing To The Next Level.

Following the Fretboard Theory video lessons and supplemental materials you’ll discover on this page, you’ll learn more about applied guitar theory in just two short weeks of instruction than you have in the past two years of playing guitar.

In fact, I guarantee it (more on that in a minute).

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been fiddling around for decades or you just learned how to play a few years ago—if you’ve decided it’s time to learn music theory and apply it so you can precisely play (and understand) your favorite songs, improvise your own licks, or come up with your own compositions, today is your chance to get started!

Applied Knowledge Is The Only Thing Standing Between Where You Are Now And Effortless Playing.

And yes, I know learning theory and applying it sounds like a lot of work.

You may have even tried to learn theory in the past (or worked your way through a step-by-step learn to play book) only to simply pick up the guitar a month later and forget everything you learned.

And yes, they do say that music theory is “easier for young people to learn”.

Everything I just said is true.

But, if you take this chance to let me show you—I promise you’ll be able to make learning guitar theory and playing like a seasoned pro easier than you ever thought was possible.


If You’re Tired Of Practicing Hours Of Licks Without Understanding What You’re Doing…

…Listen Up! Because I’m About To Show You…

  • How to develop a FULL and complete understanding of the fretboard allowing you to seamlessly solo anywhere on the neck

  • A 5-part formula that makes learning how sales, notes, and chords interact easier to understand than ever before (and much faster to learn) …

  • What other guitarists know that you don’t (and why it doesn’t actually take 5 hours of practice a day for 10 years to play record-perfect licks and leads) …

  • Innovative ways you can solo, write your own catchy riffs, improvise melodies at will and connect scale patterns to chords with ease…

  • A way to learn the songs you love faster, even if you’re strapped for time and you don’t want to give up your entire life to practice…

  • How to train yourself in techniques that are applicable across ALL musical genres – from rock, blues, folk, country, jazz/fusion, metal, and more…

  • The path to “creating your unique sound” – When Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, or Keith Richards pick up a guitar, you know who is playing, right? People will recognize your playing style too (in a good way!) …

  • And so much more!

150+ Easy-To-Follow Lessons That Make Learning (And Using) Guitar Theory Faster And Easier Than Ever Before:

Fretboard Theory Video Lessons

I developed the Fretboard Theory video lessons alongside of my bestselling books Fretboard Theory 1 and 2 as a supplemental resource to help accelerate the “guitar theory learning curve” so many of my readers and students spend years trying to master. You don’t need to own my books to take advantage of this innovative, self-paced, and 100% online video course—all the materials you need to learn and apply theory are included. With over 33 hours of content, step-by-step instruction, and easy to follow accompanying diagrams that explain exactly what you’re learning, why you’re learning it, and how to apply it, the Fretboard Theory video is one of the most complete courses you’ll come across online.

Plus - This Information-Packed Course Includes Pre-Recorded Video Instruction, Play-along backing Tracks, PDF E-books, Neck diagrams, Tab and Notation, and Full Support.

When you enroll in Fretboard Theory video lessons today, you get access to all of the resources you need to become a better player.  From easy-to-follow instruction, exercises, and notation to jam tracks and personalized support—you’ll be able to take advantage of the same level of support and attention you would receive in a classroom setting on your own time and in your own home.

Take A Look At What’s Included When You Join Today:

  • 150+ Step-By-Step Video Lessons

    When you join as a Fretboard Theory 1 and 2 member, you’ll get access to over 150 easy-to-follow video lessons that you can stream online and download for offline use.

  • Play-along Backing Tracks

    With the available audio tracks you can practice and master what you’ve learned—dozens of tracks are included with many played in the style of familiar songs!

  • PDF E-books

    As a member, you get complete copies of the Fretboard Theory books in PDF format. Download these e-books to follow along with the video lessons.

  • Neck Diagrams and Tab

    Use the included neck diagrams and tablature to follow along with each lesson and practice on your own.

  • The Support You Need To Succeed

    As a member, you’ll get unlimited access to our support community and my personal email where I’ll answer all your questions.

  • And So Much More!

    Don’t wait to join! For the cost of just a few hours of private lessons, you can get lifetime access to this incredible guitar instruction resource!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Ways You’ll Apply What You Learn As A Member Of The Fretboard Theory Community:


Here’s What Guitarists Just Like You Are Saying About The Incredible Amount Of Information, Instruction, And Support Inside Fretboard Theory:

M. Popovich

I have been playing on and off for about 10 years. I have read fretboard theory books before, the CAGED system included, jazz comping, and numnerous books on Modes. I can honestly say not one of them explain the application as well as this book (and videos).


If I can draw a Mapquest analogy, it's almost like the difference between reading a list of steps (turn right, go 20 miles, take exit 321) and seeing the map image itself. Fretboard Theory is giving me the big picture and a more understandable view of playing the guitar.


I started playing guitar 22 years ago. I became very dependant on tablature and MEMORIZING songs from TABS. Consequently, I learned very little about theory. I unsuccessfully tried several books in the past. Now I'm in a band that improvises quite often. I found I needed more fretboard awareness and articulation to keep up with the band. I found Fretboard Theory by chance while searching the internet.....and what a find it has turned out to be!! Fretboard Theory is clearly written for guitar players; by a guitar player. Any skill level will benefit from this book! FAST!

L.F. Zea

For me, the "Eureka!" moment came early on when the book instructed the reader to go off on their own and learn/review songs that employed the concepts revealed in each chapter. Chapter by chapter, Serna provides lists of tunes whose signature riffs and lead breaks incorporate his instructional material and concepts. One night, listening to one of my favorite SRV tunes and glancing at the tablature book for that particular song, I realized in a flash how Stevie had built a particular solo I had learned long ago (through rote memorization) by moving up and down the fretboard utilizing several blues scale pattern positions, and adding several riffs straight out of the Mixolydian mode scale patterns I had been working through the previous day. Voila! Now that I knew how SRV had gone about constructing this tasty lead passage, it was easy to begin modifying and extending it--putting my very own twist on it. I can't remember the last time I was so jazzed about learning something new.

Troy Young

I have played guitar for 23 years, and played for years in a successful rock band in Cincinnati while in college. During the first 8-9 years, I studied under a guitar teacher, and was dependent on tablature and my ear to learn new songs. Over the years, I had accidentally discovered lots of tonal relationships and techniques on guitar, copied many great guitarrists' techniques and tricks, but never understood the mysterious concept of music theory---until reading Desi's book. In the first 20 minutes playing with this reference, I was able to brush off 10 years of "dust" from lack of playing, and began to "see" the theory behind the music that I had played for years- all for the first time. I didn't want to go to bed, I wanted to stay up all night learning new scales and techniques. If I had a reference as visually enlightening and stimulating as Fretboard Theory when I was younger, I might have chosen a music career path.

Gregory S. MacBeth

Now onto what makes this book so different from other books. The first is the translation of what is a complex topic to an easily digestible content. Between the book and videos, the author does a great job of explaining the concepts. The second component of his approach is the song based focus. Throughout the book, he provides ideas or music directly for popular songs that use each piece of content. If you are looking for a good book that will take you from that end of beginner/new intermediate phase of guitar to being a well balanced player then this is the book to get. Between the book, videos and all the songs he suggets throughout you will finish and be an all around excellent song guitarists.


I have been playing the guitar off and on for a number of years and never seemed to progress beyond a certain point. I have purchased books and videos which taught me how to play particular riffs, scales or chords, but I still ended up not really understanding what I was doing. As a result, I would start playing for a while and get frustrated by the fact I only had pieces of a puzzle and not a picture. Then I would put the guitar away until the next time I got the urge to really learn how to play. However, when I decided to buy Fretboard Theory I found a system that actually helped me begin to really understand how things fit together. What I found most useful was how both the practical and the theory were emphasized, and that it was necessary to apply the theory to playing songs to really understand it. The book references songs where the theory is applied and you can actually see the theory in action. More often than not I would find myself thinking "ah that is what he is doing". I was also impressed enough by the book that I purchased the videos that augment it. I found the combination of the book and the videos work well for me, and I am beginning to move in the direction I want to for the first time.


This is the best guitar book I have ever read -- by far. I have been playing guitar somewhat consistently for 25 years. During this time, I largely taught myself. "Fretboard Theory" clarified and illuminated so many concepts for me. Truly, in every chapter, I would think, "Ah, I finally see how that fits!" For instance, I have looked at the CAGED system a number of times over the years, but found it uninteresting, and I did not know how to apply it. Now, I love the system, understand how it fits with the major scale, its arpeggios, and how to use it. Playing guitar is my outlet and hobby; when reading and working through this book, I got so excited, and I felt my mind was getting the recreation it needs. There was something about gaining understanding and fitting puzzle pieces together that was absolutely therapeutic. Listening to the songs Desi lists in every section, and hearing the concept applied is more than satisfying. Desi clearly has put incredible thought into how to sequence and explain the material. It is brilliant. Several times I would have questions as I started a new concept in the book, and then the next paragraph would answer my question. The author is also very accessible. I highly, highly recommend this book. It is crucial for anyone serious about guitar and anyone who wants to be. I am about to start Volume 2.

Guitar Dude

Bottomline: This book gets you playing the whole fretboard from the get go and seeing its dynamics where the other books I've read only show you song notes and where they are played on the fretboard and not their relationship on the fretboard. For a new guy that isn't to familiar with music theory let alone how notes map to the fretboard Desi's method has made my investment in time and money the most efficient in getting to enjoy my guitar.


Do you want to play a guitar on another level or just memorize a few chords and a couple of rhythms? If you want to know why you have never been able to progress further in abilities and understand of music, then Desi Serna's material is mandatory. Understand the "why" and "how" music works. Want to jam with people you haven't practiced with? Then click the "purchase" button already. *smiles* This material doesn't teach you to play popular songs, it teaches you guitar theory and from your newly gained knowledge, YOU can play the popular songs. Obviously, everyone works at a different pace, but I finished the first 9 lessons (of the Pentatonic DVD which follows this book) in a very short period of time. When I reached lesson 10, I was blown away by what I had learned.

Video Courses

Fretboard Theory 1

Fretboard Theory DVDs transparent 150

Book one in the Fretboard Theory series teaches intermediate level and up players about scales chords progressions modes and more. This instruction features videos corresponding to each and every book chapter including:

  • Get to Know the Notes On the Fretboard
  • Riff and Solo with Pentatonic Scale Patterns
  • Form Chord Inversions Chord Voicings and Arpeggio Patterns with the CAGED System
  • Form Minor Chords with the CAGED System and Combine CAGED Forms with Pentatonic Patterns
  • Work with Major Scale Patterns
  • Play Chord Progressions and Use the Number System
  • Apply Scales to Chords and Progressions
  • Unravel the Mystery of Music Modes and Use Modal Scales
  • Understand and Use Music Intervals For Guitar
  • Add Chord Tones and Extensions to Chords

Package Details

  • Ten video courses
  • 86 individual video lessons
  • 21 hours of total video
  • Choose to stream download or receive DVDs
  • Fretboard Theory PDF e-book
  • Play-along backing tracks

Fretboard Theory 2

Fretboard Theory V2 DVDs

Book two in the Fretboard Theory series picks up where the first book leaves off and takes your skills and knowledge to a whole new level. This instruction features videos corresponding to each and every book chapter including:

  • Get to Know the Key of a Song
  • Count From Key Centers and Get to Know Scale Formulas
  • Use Dominant Function Harmonic Minor and Voice Leading
  • Play Key Changes Modal Mixtures and the Circle of Fifths
  • Fill the Gaps with Chromatic Passing Chords Diminished and Augmented Chords
  • Work with Popular Lead Patterns
  • Add Major Scales and Modes to Lead Patterns
  • Outline Chord Progressions with Chord Tone Soloing
  • Explore and Apply Harmonic Minor Scale Patterns
  • Play Pedal Point and Pedal Tones

Package Details

  • Ten video courses
  • 63 individual video lessons
  • 12 hours of total video
  • Choose to stream download or receive DVDs
  • Fretboard Theory Vol 2 PDF e-book
  • Online audio

4 Membership Options Are Available

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  • Two e-books
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Buy Just the Latest Footage

The Fretboard Theory 1 video package above includes video corresponding to all book chapters 1-10. Previously, chapters 2, 3, 6, and 8 (pentatonic, CAGED, progressions, and modes) were sold on DVD and as video downloads (and chapter 1 was included along with the pentatonic and CAGED videos). If you have already purchased the previously released videos and now just need to complete your collection with the latest videos based on chapters 4, 5, 7, 9, and 10, then you can purchase just this 12 hours of footage for $99 or with DVDs for $126.50. If you have not purchased any previously released videos and you want the whole Fretboard Theory 1 video collection, then choose from the options above.

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I’m so confident that you’ll be able to learn more with just a few lessons, resources, and the support of the incredible Guitar Music Theory community than you’ve learned in the past (even if you’ve already been playing for a lifetime)

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  • 150+ video lessons
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Everything you need to be a better player is included—all at no risk thanks to my 30-day money back guarantee.


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