Podcast Episode 19: Chord Tone Soloing (Outlining Chords and Progressions)

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Give your lead guitar solos more direction by targeting chord tones and outlining chord progressions. In this free guitar lesson you learn how to use CAGED arpeggio patterns to target chord tones while using pentatonic lead patterns. Specifically, you will target the root, third and fifth of each chord as you work through a progression. Targeting chord tones helps you to connect scales more closely to their related chords, as well as outline a particular chord progression. Continue Reading

Outlining Guitar Solos and Targeting Chord Tones

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(Part 3 of 3)

Lead guitar players often target the notes of chords they play over. This helps to identify the strong notes in a scale and more closely tie the solo to the chord progression. The way that I target chord tones and outline chord progressions while guitar soloing is by visualizing the chords I’m playing over within the scale pattern I’m using. Continue Reading