Fretboard Theory Testimonials

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“Your free preview on the website was pretty convincing, so I went for it! This is a well-written instructional book. I am learning things I really never thought about until you mentioned them. I can see you put a lot of effort to teach people what you know! Good job!” -Glenn F.

“I have been playing for 6 years and have bought many guitar books over that time but use them infrequently or not at all because they are not helpful or truly designed for guitarists. Finally, your book gives me what I was looking for. Theory for the guitar based on visual learning with just the right amount of written theory! I find it easy to read and follow. I also like the way you have organized the book. I have been following it from the beginning without skipping around like I do in other books. Thanks too, for the bonus tabs. They are extremely helpful and fun; and I know all of the songs!” -Alan G.

“I just received your book, I have been playing guitar since age 7 and I”m 63 now. I learned more from your book then from any book I have ever purchased in the last 20 years. I really believe that I will really be able to go to the next step in my playing very rapidly now. Thanks so much.” -David T.

“Your book is the best I’ve ever seen about guitar. I”m studying music and guitar at Berklee College and I find your material a perfect complement to my studies.” -Miguel

“I have recently gotten your theory book and have found it to be the best instruction book I”ve ever read for guitar. Very well done. Thanks a lot.” -James

“Your book is a great asset. It really bridges a gap I had between the Caged theory and practical application of it . Most valuable to me? Nasville numbering. I knew the numbers/ theory part but hadn”t really thought about the layout on the fretboard. Matching the 5 pentatonic forms to the chord shapes is something I was getting to on my own but the book layed out nicely for me. I”m starting to introduce the major scale stuff from the book in a couple weeks. I wanted to really get the pent under my belt first . A lot of us novices jump around in learning way too much rather than delving deep into one paticular method so I”m going slow. I”ll refer the book wherever I can. Well worth the price.” -Michael

“I recently received your book, Fretboard Theory and I love it! I am ordering a second copy for my instructor.” -Mark

“After reading some of the excerpts, it looked like Fretboard Theory contained simple explanations and good visuals. The scale and arpeggio charts showed me how everything fit together across the entire fretboard, and since purchasing Fretboard Theory I have learned the Pentatonic and Major/Minor scale patterns across the entire fretboard. I had not come across any other resource that laid everything out so clearly! In addition, Fretboard Theory is enabling me to figure out songs faster on my own, and has increased the speed of my guitar learning.” -Bryan B.

“Fretboard Theory has enabled me to learn and practice along the full guitar neck. I wanted to learn the main chords in different positions and practice chord progressions. Accomplished! I”m very happy to finally understand elements such as scales, chords and keys. -Ezio R.

“I bought Fretboard Theory because I had been studying the CAGED method and I liked the contents of your free sample. Price for the value was excellent and it was obvious from the sample that the book was well done. -Dan L.

“I can”t believe how good your book is! You’ve studied all the things I’ve always wanted to know, and now I have the ultimate reference guide to achieving how I want to play. The money I spent on your book is nothing compared to how much I know I will learn! As we say in Australia – you”re a bloody legend mate!!” -Izzy

“I just finished reading your entire book from cover to cover and found it to be the best book I”ve ever read on the subject. I have been playing since the age of 15 and never knew why a chord was called ”suspended” until now! Also, the difference between minor & major pentatonic was not known to me and modes were never understood by me all these years. I must say, you are an excellent writer too. Thank you very much for putting so much into one book.” -Noel G.

“I love Fretboard Theory! It’s a great book and brings a lot of things together for me that I have been struggling with for some time. I”m not a musician, I am a hobbyist. But I enjoy the hobby very much and I am determined to learn as much about playing as I can in the free time I have. Your explanation of scales and modes and the fact that you’ve given great examples of these constructs in action has already proven invaluable to me and given me focus and direction to my learning. I haven”t even read a third of the book and I am thrilled with it. I’ve told several friends about it and I will continue to do so. Cheers to you man!” -John

“Reading your book invokes the cliche ”where have you been all my life?” Geez, I’ve never seen the study of guitar explained in such an actionable way. I’ve played scales for years without really ”getting” how to use them effectively and your book is so terse and useful in applying the skills that playing scales can provide (when used effectively). THANKS!! I have one other teacher whose work has really helped me on the technique side but your book really helps me to grow in other ways as a player. Thank you for being so smart in your approach and I”m glad I came across your work. I look forward to many happy years of using the knowledge provided in your book.” -Clinton

“Your approach here is great …. I could hardly put it down this weekend …. My girlfriend was less amused with me. I am memorizing the shapes for the Pentatonic scale and pretty much have them… Almost to the point of just watching tv and playing them without thinking. Much appreciation!” -David H.

“You are producing great literature. Keep up the good work.” -Kieran

“I purchased Fretboard Theory because I was wanting simple and clear instruction which, in other books, is very cryptic and poorly written. I downloaded the sample and was impressed with the layout and clear easy to read writing style so I laid down my money to get the full text.” -Paul C.

“I chose Fretboard Theory because I wanted to get a better understanding of fretboard layout, scales, how scales can interact with chords and how to connect scales. I am doing more live work now so I don”t have the luxury of playing bad notes and redoing them the way you can when recording. I wanted to unlock some different patterns/scales to give my playing a bit more versatility. Also, I have a couple of guitar students that I wanted to get on the right track from the start!” -Andy M.

“I bought Fretboard Theory because I’ve been noodling around for years, and decided to get serious and do it right once and for all! The main benefit for me is to finally learn the right way, and to understand how guitar playing “works.” -Beth D.

“BINGO!!!!!!! Can”t wait to follow more of your logic and wisdom on the fretboard. Thanx for the help and patience and here”s hoping I find that “BLOW BY BLOW” masterpiece in me that Jeff Beck did in the 70”s! LOL Well……..I”ll have fun anyway. For the rest of you, try Fretboard Theory. It will make your practicing fun again!” -Dan R.

“The top benefit, in my opinion, is linking what you are learning with songs. This seems to give the whole learning process some meaning, and some tangible reward for the hard effort. I am enjoying working through the book and I am committed to improving.” -Paul P.

“Top Reason Why I Purchased: Impressed with how you related the theory to either classic, or current, rock tunes. Thanks for the quality material!” -D.S.

“Regarding all the great song references, thanks for doing all the work. In MY day it was about wearing out your vinyl (and your stylus) to figure stuff out! Remember vinyl?” -Caleb A.

“Regarding your book. Good price. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by friend. Well worth it!” -Ed S.

“I must admit I have purchased and read over 20 books on the subject [of guitar music theory] and watched DVDs that I thought would be helpful. I have studied materials from HAL Leonard, Mel Bay and various online stores. Some books met my expectations but still left things unclear. Unfortunately I have purchased too many books that were so poorly done you couldn’t pay people to read them. Recently, I was surfing the Internet for more insight into learning the fretboard more fluently when I discovered your site. I downloaded the Free Preview. So after several nights of unrest I decided to order the e-Book and I vowed that if it did not do what it claimed, I was never going to buy another book. Let me say without hesitation that Fretboard Theory is the answer to everything I could not understand from previous reads. Your book has surpassed my expectations and I have already recommended it to three friends. I can see the guitar in my head and now the theory makes sense. Perhaps, one day I will be teaching guitar students and telling them this is a must have book!” -Karen W.

“At age 16 I went to guitar lessons for about 6 months and then just spent the next 12 years just playing around and not really getting anywhere. Recently the passion to learn to play had re-ignited and within three months of Fretboard Theory I”m Playing solos, composing and have the confidence to play an instrument that had just looked too hard to accomplish. If I”m at this stage now, where am I going to be in a year?” -N.

“I am impressed with the way you put the book together. It would have been nice to find something like this thirty-five years ago (more like forty). I”m happier now, thanks.” -Art

“I spent a short amount of time with the e-book last night before work. This is what ive been looking for!!!! I’ve been playing for about 22 years. The usual early 80s kid learning Eruption from Guitar For The Practicing Musician. Pure memorization and regurgitation. It”s time for me to do this the right way!!! Thank You!!” -Matt W.

“I’ve purchased and read your guitar theory, I have found it to be very informative and precise. The diagrams have been an immense help in understanding your explanation. You have certainly cleared up the cloudiness of modes, well I had no clue how they functioned what their purpose were in the first place. This has helped me understand the whole musical theory in composing songs and working out my favorite tunes. Thank you for your guitar theory, it has helped me immensely in understanding how music falls into place and the structure needed to build it in the first place.” -Tien

“I am very impressed with the book. I have been playing for a long time but seemed to always learn by trial and error. Never had much in the way of lessons. This book seems to put rhyme and reason to playing guitar and advancing in a logical way. I love to play and look forward to learning much more from your book. I will be glad to pass on information about you and your book.” -Dick

“I just have to thank you for this awesome book! I have been playing for a long time and have tried the CAGED theory a couple of times without having this clear understanding of how everything works together. I am truly impressed with this system.” -Kevin

“Your books are fantastic. It seems that any guitar player can definitely use ”Fretboard Theory” and ”How To Make Money Teaching Guitar”. Thanks so much for sending these right away! I”ll be recommending your books to others!” – Deron F.

“I’m very pleased to know that Fretboard theory is getting more and more successful and has reviews in the best known websites. It”s no surprise for me because I”m one of your customer for 4 months and I”m totally satisfied with FBT. Though I’m French and don”t speak fluently English, everything is clear and can be easily understood. Since I became a FBT user, my guitar level has literally exploded and I don”t recognize myself (nor my friends).” -Xavier B.

“This is EXACTLY what I needed. It is going to take some time for me to get through the material properly but I’ll give you feedback as I go. I have written piles of technical documentation myself as a network engineer, and this reads like a good technical document. I am very pleased with this purchase. I also would like to contribute this to your testimonials: you explain very clearly what you do and do not supply in this this book. No one could be disappointed in this purchase if they read that. In fact, I think I have received a much greater value than what I paid for. This book should probably be priced more like 50 or 60 dollars as it seems to be a university level high quality text.” -David Z.

“Thank you! I”ve been trying for months trying to make sense out of other fretboard schemes (”scams”) and I couldn’t understand them. I”m back to square one and you make me want to continue to master the patterns. I”ll certainly tell my friends. Thanks again!” -Richard B.

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say Kudos! I am totally impressed with your book, and I have only had about 1 hours to review the material. I started with the Pentatonic Scale chapter, and WOW!…. When I was 13 and stared to play the guitar (in 1983), if I only had someone explain music theory as it relates specifically to the guitar the way you do, I would be on a stage somewhere today! I think I learned more in 1 hour than I have collectively from years of “guitar lessons” and years of trial & error. I even played in a rock band (very successfully) in the late 80s and early 90s in Cincinnati, Ohio- I thought I was pretty good, but now I can see how I can REALLY improve my skills and techniques to take my game up to another level. I was so excited, I almost couldn’t sleep last night! You have a fantastic product, and thanks for inspiring me to grow!” -Troy Y.

“This looks like exactly what I have been looking for. The example songs are really a great way to learn a particular area. Thanks for putting together something that explains a tough subject area in a way that finally makes sense to me!” -Jill

“Desi….your book is great ….it has opened up my playing in a BIG way.” -Lot B.

“I have just received my copy of Fretboard Theory. I have been learning the guitar now for about a year and I have had many books, CD”s and videos. I have learned chords, strumming patterns etc but I have always struggled to remember the notes. Your book is the first one that I have found that gives a simple way of learning these. Within a few days I have gained a better understanding of the fretboard and I can already remember the entire minor pentatonic scale pattern. I still have a lot more reading to do but so far I am really impressed. Thanks.” -John M.

“The system is actually making sense of the fretboard; working on muscle memory for the first 5 boxes. Then the songs. I am glad I bought it; feel like a geek as most other stuff that promises doesn’t and it”s a cliche to find a “system” on the net.” -Bob

“Just completed the pentatonics chapter have played four or five of the song suggestions and really liked playing My Girl. I will keep you posted on my progress.” -Mark

“Got my book yesterday, wish I would have ordered it earlier. I know most of my modes and all the pentatonics (major / minor) But I needed a good book to help me integrate CAGED which somehow I missed. I’ve read the first 3 chapters last night, wanted to say thanks for putting in the massive effort, I think this is going to be a great read/practice manual.” -Brian H.

“The MP3 Clips and Tabs are great! Something for everyone. How did you know that I have Cat Stevens on my MP3 player? Book got here today, thanks for shipping promptly.” -Robert D.

“I haven”t played guitar for about six years and having recently gotten the itch and urge to play again I bought a new guitar and amp. After about a week of catching up to the level I was at before I quit I fell into a rut and started looking online for some guitar instruction. Well, there was a lot to choose from but I finally chose yours as it looked professional, you looked professional and your lessons looked like they could really teach me something. After one day of downloading Fretboard Theory I’ve already written parts to 5 different self composed songs. Just learning that the same pentatonic scale can be used for a minor and a major key was well worth the price. Now my creative juices are flowing again and I”m actually writing SONGS. Just what you said it was all about! I can”t wait to get deeper into the lessons but I”m writing so many songs it may take a while. Thanks for being here Desi and I look forward to contacting you again.” -Anonymous

“I think you have really done a terrific job on the lessons. I have been using “CAGED” since around 1984 and you are right on the dime, it has taken the mystery out of it and made a useful tool for my playing I am 66 years old still working and still playing (hobbyist) my Epi/Emperor jazz box.” -Carl

“Hey Desi, Hope all is well man. I just wanted to tell you that I think your book is awesome! It”s nice to have a teaching tool that incorporates chord forms (as well as explaining how the open string chords are movable) and scales. Also, the octave chart and the song references are great man. The book worked out very well in my guitar classes as well.” -Chavar O.

“After I e-mailed you last night I was thinking about how sweet the timing of finding Fretboard Theory was for me… I think I started looking for it months ago but you hadn’t released it yet. I was so primed for that particular information, it could not have been more perfect. I”ve tried a few books and picked up pieces of the puzzle but always lacking something that brought the big picture into focus. And in terms of gratification of actually using different modes having real examples of songs we all know and love is priceless! Another thing I love about Fretboard Theory is your visualization methods. Making your illustrations look like a real fretboard was a nice touch. Also laying out the patterns of different scales in succession so you can see it across the whole fretboard without it all jammed together on one diagram was brilliant. Thanks again man. Keep up the good work.” -John

“I ordered the book and love it! I have been playing for over 20 years, and play some keyboards as well. I know theory pretty well on keys, but have always been confused with other books about fretboard theory. You book breaks it down in an easy to understand approach, and is crystal clear in explaining everything. I was happy to see someone finally explain the minor and major pentatonic boxes clearly. I know with the help of your book, I will soon be improvising my own leads without hitting that “bad” note here and there. I have already recommended your book to a friend who knows how to play barre chords, but doesn’t know what chords he is playing.” -Ron K.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the content of your book which I”m finding really useful in explaining things I’d forgotten and also teaching me new things which are brightening up my playing. It”s very well put together and so easy to understand. Keep up the good work.” -Kevin R.

“I am working on the computer version now and am impressed with it. I have been playing the guitar for years, but have not seriously looked at the pentatonic scale positions before. It amazes me what a pointer from someone can do for a person!” -Carole H.

“It”s very well written, and organized logically. I”m 52 and have almost 2 years experience just experimenting with guitar. Your book puts names to some things I figured out (minor pentatonic for one). This is just what I needed. I took a couple of lessons last year, but the instructor didn’t seem very interested. I decided to go it alone by listening carefully to my favorite blues. I think that your approach is exceptional. Can”t wait to measure my progress now!” -Mike G.

“I just wanted to say thanks for the book! I”m finding it quite useful I really liked the fact that you signed the book! My friends got a real kick out of that!” -Michael R.

“Hey. I just wanted to say thanks for your effort put forth to create your book. I just got through the first chapter reading and looking to get some of the songs to play. The one thing (right now in this journey) that was just really nice to learn was this. That chord shapes and scales are moveable up and down the fretboard and are the same pattern at any fret you choose. That fact never came across in ANY of the music books I’ve worked through or made me get it if it was. That fact really helped me understand allot in a relatively little time. I felt like I climbed a mountain when I was able to go up and down the fretboard playing the pentatonic scale patterns. Only one question so far. There was a page (I can”t remember the page number) where you map different notes on the guitar by a difference of an octave. I followed the 3 or 4 ones where you said down 2 frets and over 2 or 3 strings. But you lost me when you said String 6 can be an octave to string 3 and 4 to 1. (Or something like that, the books at home and I”m going from memory here). It was like you left out the code to go back and forth between the strings. I showed your book to my music teacher. He said it was good how I”ll be able to understand the shapes while he”s teaching me songs. Might not sound like allot but he would of just said pitch it if he thought it a waste of time. Good job. Anyhow, I just recently bought a used Taylor 314. I am just in guitar playing bliss right now with about three songs under my belt and my wife can recognize them. Well it”s on to getting CAGED in chapter 2.” -Pat

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